Artists for Puerto Rico is non-profit initiative created to help aid Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria in 2017. We have invited our artist friends to donate prints to sell, 100% of the profits will go to a grassroots, social justice-focused organization helping to fund education and the arts.

We hope that with your help we can empower the young people of Puerto Rico through art and education. Together we can rise and help bring back the hope needed in lifting the island back up, so that future generations can be able to thrive and continue to move this island forward.



Eneida Cardona is a Puerto Rican Born, South Bronx Raised, Artist and Photographer, with degrees in photography and interdisciplinary studies is the Founder and Co-Creator of Artists for Puerto Rico. Eneida believes that with art education we can help lift the spirit and empower the young people of this world to succeed.


Mighty Joe Castro is an accomplished Pennsylvania-based collage artist, musician, designer and a Co-Creator of Artists for Puerto Rico. His work has been shown in galleries and art spaces across the United States, Canada, and Europe and have been described as "a controlled explosion, aggressive and pensive (Kolaj Magazine)" and as "bold and diverse... one of those collage artists whose works you recognize immediately, (Toombes.com)" He is a signature member of the National Collage Society.(USA). For more information, please visit mightyjoecastro.com

Jose Aurelio Baez (b.1986, Bronx, NY) is mixed media painter, collage and mural artist. His approach to art-making combines his traditional training as an undergrad at Carnegie Mellon with a self-taught approach to art-making that he has refined since graduating in 2009. Heavily influenced by his identity as a New Yorker, his mixed media paintings use found and repurposed materials to create an archive of the people, culture and environments the artist surrounds himself with. The layers of collage in his paintings also serve as a reminder of the physical presence of the work to the viewer. When painting, the artist uses a range of tools that pull from his experiences including graffiti inks, spray paint and adhesives along with traditional drawing and painting mediums. Jose looks to create an intimate conversation between the viewer and the subject of his work. Imagery is often based on original photography by the artist or someone close to him, as well as carefully sourced photographs that he will digitally edit and collage. His paintings are honest contemplations on the fragility of life, creating a perspective that allows the viewer to see the world through the eyes of the artist. Jose Baez's art has been shown nationally in galleries and in several online and print publications. His latest exhibitions include the Group Seven show at Woodward Gallery and a published feature in the Post Road Mag for his mural work in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Joseph Operhall currently lives in Philadelphia, PA. He is a primarily self taught photographer utilizing traditional film photography techniques. He is interested in the deliberate process of taking photographs and the art of capturing images and creating prints using a traditional darkroom. His photographs often attempt to capture the intersection of nature and man. At other times he is attempting to express the individual in their own creative space.

David ‘Dee’ Delgado is a Puerto Rican independent photographer based in New York City mainly focused on documentary and photojournalism. The interest of learning and his desire to help people made him realize the necessity of documenting his surroundings and broadening the conversation with the use of a camera. Learn more about David here.